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Surf lessons for all levels in Dominical Beach

Let us provide you with the best surf lessons in Dominical Beach. Our certified instructors have more than 10 years of experience surfing and instructing people of all ages and levels.


In your first class you will learn all the basics of surfing, starting from zero. (No experience needed).
Safety and ocean knowledge, surfing etiquette, positioning on the board, how to paddle, how to stand up properly and how to ride a wave!

After a couple of lessons you will be ready to move to the intermediate class.

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Using your previous knowledge you will be taking a step further in your surfing skills; you will shift from whitewater to the outside break or what we call the green waves.

Some of the things that you will learn here are: timing (when to start paddling for a wave and when to stand up), positioning on the board, paddling techniques, turning (how to ride the wave sideways), getting through the bigger waves and surfing etiquette.

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surf lessons in Dominical beach


This lessons are designed for people who can actually surf already and are looking to improve their skills.

If requested, we offer video/photo analysis after each session. This is the best way to get better at surfing. Looking at yourself will drastically change your performance, with the photos and/or video you can see what are the issues stopping you from taking it to the next level. We will be working on fixing the bad habits and improving your already existing skills.

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advanced surf lessons in Dominical

Additional information:

Our instructors will be by your side all the time making you feel safe in the water, coaching you, giving you feedback, correcting your mistakes and helping you to improve your skills with every wave you try.

We understand how frustrating big groups with little instructors can be. For that reason our person ratio is maximum of three students on one instructor. This will make your overall surf experience safer and more fun.

Leave your wetsuit at home; just bring sunblock, towel, comfortable swimsuit and loads of energy to enjoy this exhilarating adventure!

Note: Lessons work around the ocean tide, the times are different every day, please let us know the exact date that you would like to surf so we can provide you with times.

Maximum 3 students per instructor. 

What’s included in the lesson?

We provide you with surfboard, rash-guard, bottled water & small snack.

Lesson length is 2 hours approximately.


Since July 1st, 2019 we must to include 13% tax.

Beginner – Semi private Lessons:            $50 + 13% =  $56 usd

All levels – Private Lessons:                        $70 + 13% = $79 usd

Intermediate Lessons:                                   $55 + 13% =  $62 usd

Photography and photo analysis available upon request


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Have a big group? CONTACT US! Lets make a surf party!

Join our daily surf lessons in Dominical beach.

Dominical Surf lessons

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