Will you be able to travel abroad for your holiday in 2020?

Here’s why you should keep Costa Rica in mind for your future travel plans.
If there is one feeling we can all relate to in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it must be the feeling of uncertainty. All of the sudden it became hard to look in the near future and have a sense of understanding what the world will look like. There is one thing however, that is certain: We’re all in this together.

On average, Costa Rica receives between 2.5 to 3 million visitors per year. It’s no secret that Costa Rica is the most popular destination in Central America, and it is so for many reasons.

In spite of the economic consequences, Costa Rica has prioritized the health and safety of its citizens, residents and visitors. As early as March 18th a State of Emergency was declared, resulting in a border closure to foreigners and non-residents, as well as a country lockdown, applying a quarantine that remains until today.

For a country that relies heavily on tourism, this is obviously no small burden to bear. It is however becoming apparent that by responding early and effectively to the pandemic, that lives will be saved and the country and its people can recover sooner, rather than later.

Furthermore, the Costa Rican health department and scientists are pioneering in creating their own coronavirus test-kits and a treatment against Covid-19. The treatment consist of immunotherapy using the antibodies in plasma, which are obtained from people who have recovered from the virus. The test-kits are expected to be implemented next week and the treatment by mid 2020.

“When we abolished our army, we put science and education in our first line of investment, and today we see the results” said president Carlos Alvarado.

As we speak, by implementing the aforementioned measurements, the country has registered only 863 positive cases with a very few but still unfortunate number of eight casualties as of May 18th. The government efforts, science research and responsible attitude of the public seem to be paying of. Even though these numbers are promising, at this point in time, it’s anyone’s guess when we will get back to a ‘normal’ state. What we do know is that when it’s that time, Costa Rica will be one of the safest and most enjoyable countries to visit.

As a country, in the face of these challenging times, an atmosphere of awareness, solidarity and well being has grown. We realise and understand that we depend on each other and that now more than ever we will need the support of all of you who have always dreamed of visiting Costa Rica or can’t wait to come back.

We don’t know when exactly we will see each other again, but we do know that you will always be welcome here…until then, stay safe, stay healthy, stay home! Pura vida!

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