8 reasons to visit Dominical beach

Dominical beach is literally a “surfer’s paradise”.  It’s the gateway to the South Pacific Coast where everything gets greener, lusher, and even more peaceful. This tropical surf town offers world class waves, with uncrowded surf and lay back vibes, making it a must stop for newbies and expert surfers from all over the world.

Getting here it’s easy, however it’s more remote than some of the other surf beaches like Jaco, Tamarindo and Nosara. Due to their proximity to airports they are certainly more crowded in and out of the water.  This is a great reason to stay away from these populated spots and find some peace and tranquility here instead.

Getting to Dominical will take approximately 3hrs from SJO airport, and in the meantime you can enjoy the sightseeing of the beautiful Pan-American Highway while driving towards this exotic green gem.

Dominicalito costa rica

Here are some more reasons why Dominical beach is such an attractive destination:

1. Natural beauty

Dominical is surrounded by tropical corridors for flora and fauna. The mountains embrace the sea with all its glory providing you with spectacular views during your beach walks or surfing sessions.

Hiking inland is quite an experience as well, as most mountains are married to astonishing waterfalls that offer great places for swimming and cooling off.

2.Uncrowded surf and friendly locals

With about 3 kms in length, this sandy bottom beach has enough space for its locals and visitors, offering plenty of waves with a minimum crowd.  In the water you will feel welcome by the friendly locals and tourists who have already adapted to the “pura vida” lifestyle of this place.

If you catch that many waves everyday, it’s almost impossible to have a bad attitude!

3. Great waves for all levels

Because of its sandy bottom, the conditions are ideal for beginners (during mid-tide) to make use of the white waters to learn how to surf.  For intermediate level we normally go to our sister beach, Dominicalito, only 3km south of town. This small bay has some great waves for those who are moving up to the next level and want to do it in a safe and friendly environment. Here, the size oscillates between 2ft and 4ft depending on the swell. For the most advanced, we have the green waves at Dominical. These beauties can show a barrel spectacle during low to mid-tide and some lovely open left and right handed waves during mid to high tide.

Within a 15 min ride, you can find more surf spots like Playa Linda, Hermosa Beach, Punta Achiote and La Punta. This are alternative locations that we could visit depending on size and direction of the swell. Or just because we like to show you many different spots 😉

   4. A cozy town for any kind of traveler

This tiny surf village has everything you need to enjoy your holiday. There is a wide array of stores, bars and restaurants with plenty of options to satisfy anybody’s taste.
Also we count with several stores, supermarket, gym, spa, info centers, and more.
On Fridays there is an organic farmers market with delicious fresh products and also local crafts and souvenirs. Communal yoga classes, a kid’s art corner, workshops and good times can be found in here.
If you rather stay in and enjoy your chill time to the maximum, you can call the supermarket and they offer delivery express for just $1!
Another thing you will noticed is how clean everything is. There is surely a collective consciousness about the cleanliness in town. Especially on the beach, most surfers and residents love to keep the beach clean by picking up any trash they can find after their surf session or while enjoying a sunset stroll.

By the way, we belong to OSA the first province who has officially banned the use of single-use plastic in Costa Rica! Wohooo! Yes, we are very proud of this 🙂

   5. Dominical Attractions

There are many other activities in Dominical that you can enjoy, to mention a few: hiking the Nauyaca Waterfalls, Zipline at Hacienda Baru, Sportfishing, Whale watching, Catamaran tours, Paragliding, Kayaking, SUP, Animal Sanctuary, Rafting, visiting the Whale Tale, visiting Manuel Antonio National Park, and Reptilandia are some of the most popular ones.

The fun is endless,  you decide if you want to go extreme, somewhere in between, or rather just chill in your hammock and drink cocktail, it’s all possible!

Dominical Attractions

    6. Layback vibes

“PURA VIDA” we say and so will you!

Pura vida literally translated means “Pure Life”. In Costa Rica it’s our motto and our way of life.

It is daily used as a “hello”, “thank u”, “please”, “how are you” and if we put it in context it basically means, I’m great, I’m easy going, everything is OK. Give it a try and use it whenever you pass by a local!

   7. Best kept secret

As mentioned before, due to SJO airport being the closest international airport, Dominical has stayed low profile for quite some time. Though it can get busy in peak season (Christmas and New Years) most of the year, it is pretty well  distributed between visitors.

Most popular months would be our dry season which starts in December until end of July. After September we expect rain, a lot of rain, we would advise you to avoid traveling to Costa Rica during September and October if you are not a big fan of tropical storms and mosquitos.

  8. Small groups and personalized attention

We take pride in our lessons! Taking a training course with us for a week, will take your surfing a step further regardless of your current level. Unlike many other countries, where you take lessons with huge groups of people and very few instructors, here you can be sure to receive your money’s worth.

The reason why?

We offer personalized attention, which means no more than 3 students per instructor. Assuring more waves for each participant and more feedback, this translates into more chance for improvement and better performance.

As extra information, our surf instructors are highly knowledgeable and certified by the ISA (International Surfing Association) and Water Rescue.

So if you like to embark into a new surf adventure and give Dominical beach a try, we are happy to assist you.

Please get in touch with us to plan your next trip!

Packages starting at $1180 per week!
Check out this video for some AMAZING AERIAL shots!


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