What To Pack Surfing Vacation

What to pack for a surfing vacation?

Before your head goes through the dilemma of what to pack, there is a few things you need to ask yourself first in order to avoid a heavy and unnecessary luggage.

Some of the questions we recommend that you ask yourself before bringing a 40kg luggage is:

  • Where are you going and how long are you staying?
  • What is the temperature of this place?
  • Does this place offer the type of surfboards and gear that you need? Is it included in your budget?
  • How are you going to move yourself from location A to B?

Once you know this basic info, you can proceed with the planning and packing of the most necessary and essential items.  Which we know can be two different stories when it comes to girls packing and guys packing!

Also it’s important¬†that you know there’s a difference between taking a surfing trip and taking a well organized surf vacation or even easier a surf camp package (in which most of the details are already taken care of for you). For example, if you decide to take a surf trip on your own, there will be much more things you need to keep in consideration in contrast to a surf camp, where you know that boards, equipment, lodging, transportation, food and tours are already scheduled and arranged prior to your arrival. For this reason we have created two different packing lists depending on your traveling preference.

So now you know that packing can be as simple as this:







Or as complex as this:








From our expertise we recommend that you don’t travel with a lot, just what is necessary. Most of our clients at the end of their stay complain that they brought way too much clothes and devices that were absolutely not needed. Specially after spending most of their day outside surfing and exploring! All those extra kilos end up being just a silly load.

If you have any questions about traveling to Costa Rica, feel free to get in touch with us!

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